Bullying Reflection Paper

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My professor once asked the class a question: “Did you ever break an important rule or rebel against authority?” That question really stuck with me and the first thought I had was of the second grade. That year was a one man revolution against the school faculty and staff. Despite popular belief, I still feel my actions were justified. As a human being there’s only so much bullying, both physical and verbal, that I can take. There came a point where I had to push back and say “enough.” Unfortunately, no one else saw it that way. According to them, I was “unruly and aggressive.” It all began on my first day at North Loop Elementary. I met a boy which I thought was a good friend. Less than a week into school, he began to tease me for being a little more on the chubby side and started pranking me by yanking the chair out from under me and often pinching and twisting my pectoral area. As he continued to tease me, I got angrier and no matter how much I told the teacher it only seemed to get worse. One day I said to myself “I’ve had enough of this clown.” (I don’t think I actually said that.) So when he yanked my chair out from under me, I pushed him down and hit him with the chair while he was down. That landed me straight to Mrs. Jones’s, our principal, office. It seems the teacher never saw any of the times he pulled the chair out from under me, but she saw the one time I reacted. It only went downhill from there. It didn’t take too long before his friends started joining

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