Bullying and Good Job Essay

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Bullying and School Violence

The article title states exactly what the article talks about, the many different cases of bullying and violence in schools. The title tells you exactly what to expect from the abstract but does not give away any information on what it includes. The author did a good job deciding on the title because although it is simple, it grabs your attention, it certainly did mine. Bullying is a very common happening among young children so the title having the word bully in it, draws your attention. It could have been a little more creative but I do like the title and feel that it is both effective and appropriate. The purpose of the study is evident and can clearly and easily be derived from the title of the …show more content…

Pennington, however, feels that children just need someone to talk to about being bullied and that the bullies are just misunderstood and are probably abused themselves and duplicate what they know. She writes very factually and gets straight to the point of what she is talking about and is rather effective at doing so. Pennington is a savvy researcher. She used some of her own research as well as the research of others who have studied the topic. Her methods are appropriate and they do offer some explanation for the problem. By her using the Columbine incident, she manages to paint a very vivid picture of in-school violence. The author uses other incidents to paint more everyday pictures and does a very good job of doing that as well. She describes herself attending conventions, and other types of sessions as well as speaking with known bullies and victims. She then analyzes all of her material and breaks it down into understandable information for the reader. The author does not give any results on what happened because it is an ongoing process. She did however, manage to give plans on what she and her colleagues plan to do in the future to attempt to put a stop to all the bullying that goes on. She plans on having more conventions and putting a plan into motion to get teachers and counselors better training on how to pick up on and handle bullying situations. She also explains her

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