Electric Car and Tesla

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Tesla Motors

1. Research and write a brief history of the company, it mission and vision statements. The automotive market is one of the biggest markets over the world. Participants companies at this market are well-known enterprises and also they own some of the better known brands like GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, VW, BMW etc. In the traditional auto industry, consumer power is relatively high, given relatively low switching costs and a vast choice of relatively substitutable products. Many components of the automobile can be sourced from different suppliers which maintains competitive input pricing. However, the electric vehicle (EV) industry demonstrates a
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The Model S was elected Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year by a unanimous vote of all eleven judges, it was a victory for not just Tesla but also the United States. The Model X was designed to combine the best attributes of minivans and SUVs with the performance and efficiency that only an electric car can provide. Equipped with all-wheel drive and offloading capabilities. There is no Tesla without Elon Musk. His vision is a completely fresh consumer experience enabled Tesla to become what it is today as well as what it will become tomorrow. Quite simply, people want to work with him and they believe in his vision and are inspired by his passion. In an interview for this paper, an employee who elected to remain anonymous claimed there is a saying at SpaceX “No matter how hard you work, someone else is working harder” one might imagine who that someone else is. His emphasis on loyalty and hard work allows a certain level of independence for employees. There are two perspectives to consider in quantifying success. The first is from the perspective of the company’s owners which are shareholders. From the investors perspective quantifying success is quite easy. Anyone who bought Tesla’s stock at its IPO at $17 in July of 2010 would have more than quintupled their money as of May 2013, when the stock traded at $87. Even those who owned Tesla at the beginning of 2013 would
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