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What Does It Take to Open up a Bagel Store?
Opening your own bagel shop can be a fun adventure for any entrepreneur. To open a bagel shop you will need a carefully crafted business plan, the right location, the right employees, a great bagel recipe and promotional materials. By deciding first what type of bagel shop you would like to own, you can ensure that all the other pieces will fall into place to create your dream business.
Business Plan
A business plan will help you to carefully think through all the aspects of your new company, including strategic issues such as location, competition and promotional ideas before implementing any of it. A business plan should also include a detailed budget outlining expected costs and expenses.
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Determine whether to finance the business yourself or apply for a small business or personal loan from a lending institution.

Step 3
Contact a commercial real estate agent to find a retail location in a busy retail area. Shopping malls, downtown areas, urban neighborhoods and popular tourist areas allow you to attract a large number of customers. Choose a location with heavy morning traffic as this is typically a busy time for bagel shops. Retail locations should include a kitchen large enough for preparing bagels, equipment storage and refrigeration for storing food ingredients. Look for a space that has a store front large enough to display bagels and a counter for serving customers.
Step 4
Purchase new or used bagel making equipment from restaurant supply stores or online vendors. Equipment needed may include industrial mixers, double ovens, bagel kettles and a bagel divider/rounder. Measure the space before ordering equipment to ensure all equipment fits properly. Purchase bagel making ingredients and other items needed to serve bagels and drinks.

Step 5
Apply for a business license. Contact the Harris County Clerk 's Office if opening a bagel business in Houston. Contact the Houston Bureau of Consumer Health for information about
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