Business Communication: Starting a New Chocolate Company in The UK

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Introduction This report aims at discussing issues and restraints in business communication in an effective manner. This report will also outline the key issues and restraints that need to be considered when communicating to selected business stakeholders. Business entities with numerous stakeholders have faced increased challenges thus there is need of flexibility, higher quality in production, and responsible behaviors. Because of these challenges, it would be relevant for stakeholders to have full participation in day-to-day organizational decision-making. This will help business entities to have an enhanced performance and productivity thus enhancing competitive environment (Delon, 2002). Customers The main objective of starting a…show more content…
For instance, internet has brought much effect on the information searching behaviors; this development makes it necessary for consumer researchers to keep up with these developments (Zhang et al, 2009). Consumer behaviors involve the interaction among peoples thinking, actions, feeling, and the environment. By knowing, these interactions better companies are able to satisfy their consumers. In this aspect, the new chocolate company will need to spend a lot of time trying to grasp the customer’s needs and thus be in a position to translate these needs into detailed plans in order to add value to its customers (Blythe, 2006). Employees Wellness It is apparent that employees play a critical role in any organization and thus there wellness need to be thoroughly considered in the new chocolate company. Human resource experts define employee wellness programs, as programs meant to promote and support the wellbeing of employees in an organization (Cooper, 282). Employee wellness programs also known as worksite wellness program involve the support of employees’ health and safety among other employees well-being. Employee wellness programs are aimed at improving the staff health, staff productivity, and their morale. Employee wellness program may include various components such as the health risk assessments, health screening, fitness classes, workshops on wellness
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