Business Enterprise And Its Internal Environment

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Title: Know a Leading Business Enterprise and its internal Environment

Company: Deere & Company

Section C
Shruti Chaudhari
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
About the company: Deere & Company 4
I. Vision and Mission 4

II. Value System 5 Policies Code of Ethics

III. Management Structure and nature 6
Division Structure Advantage Disadvantage
Global Operating model: Platform Services Organization Structure
Quality of Board members …show more content…

It has a division organization structure in each industry that it operates viz. agriculture, construction, forestry, turf care, parts, power system, and financial services. Due to its expansion policy, it follows a global operating model wherein it has a global platform service organization structure at the broad level. This report discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the management structure, quality of the board members and the shareholder pattern followed by the organization. The human resource, which is the key element in the fast paced progress of the organization, suggest care and nurture of all the stakeholder viz. employees, suppliers, dealers, and business partners. The Company has a long standing in the industry and hence has a strong brand recognition that suggests reliability, approachability and efficiency in its products and services. The report analyses its value chain and uses Michael Porters five forces to understand its standing in the farm economy as well as in other heavy machinery industry. Finally, the Company has performed well even during recession in the past and current declining farm economy. Although it shows a fall in its net revenue, there has been considerable investment in the past year. Overall, it has impacted the farm economy and aided in the industrialization of many developing countries world over.

About the company: Deere & Company Deere and

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