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STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, AND THREATS Internal Factors | Strengths2nd established Walt Disney Theme Park In Asia:Japan is the only other country in Asia to have the Disney theme park. Hong Kong Disney also has the least expensive tickets as compared to other Disney parks.Strong financial backing:The Hong Kong government holds a 57 percent stake in the park, and has invested close to 80% of the cost of the part.Vast experience in managing theme parks successfully:The Walt Disney Company has 3 theme parks that are on Forbes’ list of world’s most popular theme park.Ability to change and adapt to culture:Disney Hong Kong was built with rules of Chinese Feng Shui. Chinese taboos have also being taken into consideration in their…show more content…
| Implication of SWOT * One of the opportunities identified in the SWOT analysis was the potential visitors from regional countries. Being the second Disney themed park established in Asia and with the low price of the tickets, Disney Hong Kong can leverage on this to attract people from other regions. * As aforementioned, with the support of the Hong Kong government, Disney Hong Kong is strong financially and has the support of the Hong Kong government. The company should consider using the financial support of the government to improve on its weakness in the communication and relationship with the public. Currently, 49% of the park visitors are the citizens of Hong Kong. The dissatisfaction of the public could turn into a greater threat, which may lead to a decrease in the number of locals visiting the park, hence decreasing revenues. * The analysis also shows that the service standard of the park is one of its weaknesses. The company should focus on retraining its workers to provide better customer service standards. In addition, working conditions of the workers should also be improved. This will keep them motivated, hence improving service standards. * The size of the park can be seen as Disney Hong Kong’s biggest weakness. This
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