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Body Shop Case Study

In this case, how does The Body Shop address the four components of social responsibility? In the Body Shop, what tensions among these components were at work?

Legal- the Body Shop avoided animal testing and used all natural ingredients to avoid any lawsuits. They knew the products were safe since people have been using them for years.

Ethical- Anita's personal and moral beliefs into her work is that she is against animal testing and made a great effort to make sure her company and the suppliers also feel the same way. She also wanted her employees to fit a certain image and hired accordingly, some could argue this can cause some ethical problems.

Philanthropic- The mission statement of The Body Shop is
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Just because she may not like their personal hero or beliefs, that shouldn’t prevent them from the job.

What is your assessment of Anita Roddick’s philosophy regarding the “purpose of a business”?

In my view I would say it is great, she was able to use her success to help other activists groups and promote her principles. And also if her purpose is to use her business to support her beliefs and help environmental issues then she did stay true to that based on the facts presented in the case. She has a responsibility to her customers and they know and also follow her beliefs.

What are Anita Roddick’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader? Should she stay on in a managing role or step aside and allow a more experienced person to run the marketing operations?

Anita’s strengths as a leader first started when she was able to build a company from limited finances, she was also able to turn her small business into a profitable organisation and give back the community. She stayed true to her beliefs and they were reflected into her business. She did however have some weaknesses that stood out. Anita had to face tough competition and the Body Shops products couldn’t compete. She was also had problems when marketing to US consumers. I also think that her hiring procedures were questionable and her stance on no advertising would make it difficult to get her message out. I
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