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Executive Summary:
Recently globalization and internationalization has become more important for multinational companies. Many companies start to look abroad to expand their business activities as world become more unified. Managing business operation across the country is biggest challenge especially for international business today.
In this assignment I would like to discuss about McDonald. The McDonalds Company is one of the most effective and successful global restaurant chains around the world. They have used very effective management and worldwide growth strategies to enter new markets and gain a share of the foreign fast food market. This paper presents how McDonalds has attained this massive success, its best practices in the …show more content…

Hofstede (2001) defines the five dimensions of cultures as power distance, individualism versus collectivism, masculinity versus femininity, uncertainty avoidance, and long-term versus short-term orientation.
Japan is a high background culture and their method of communication is very difficult. As compare to the American communication culture. American do not go into the depth details of their culture. Many international companies often fail to understand the context of a particular culture as they rush in with their offer in that country. They feel that the strategy which had delivered them success in their home culture, will replicate in other cultures. P&G is a good example they made the mistake when they tried to sell “Camay” in Japan. Due to lack of communication. We have seen many branches of Mcdonald’s in different countries because we also eat the same food as American people eat but it does not mean we also consume the same content. Because it seems like we eat the same online platform it does not that Japanese people have same culture and beliefs. It was the first opportunity for McDonalds to expand business in Asia. So, they decided the use their own culture dishes in manue. Instead of using their home country strategy. There are other many countries where McDonalds does not exist especially central Asia (North Korea) has never been admirer a big brands, especially American brands. According to the United Nations in 2006 impose

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