Business Structure Characteristics. Whitbread Structure Analysis

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The following report consists of two parts; PART A identifies Whitbread’s main business information users (or, stakeholders), based on the information provided on their website. In contrast, PART B analyses different types of business structures and determines the pros and cons of Whitbread being a PLC. Tables and bulleting are used throughout the text to convey a vast volume of information in the given scope. -PART A- 1. MAIN BUSINESS INFORMATION USERS AND THEIR NEEDS – KEY WHITBREAD’S STAKEHOLDERS Business information can be used for a variety of reasons, depending on stakeholders and their needs. The following table presents a concise analysis of external and internal business information users. Further, it identifies…show more content…
The below table compares and contrasts business structures on the basis of the most common issues, naming: taxation, liability, risk and control, continuity of existence, transferability and expense and formality (Quickmba, n.d.). Also, you will notice that in the table the similarities are extended from one structure to the other, while differences are kept in separate cells. | Sole Proprietor | General Partnership | LLP | LTD | PLC | Ownership | Owned by individual | Owned by partners in line with their partnership agreement | Owned by shareholders in line with their shares | | | Formed by 2 - 20 partners; | Must have designated members | Up to 50 shareholders | From 7 shareholders, no max. | Taxation | Taxed on incomes and gains up to 40% | Corporation tax on their income and profits (normally 20%) | | Treated as self-employed | Partners are taxed on their share of the profits | Usually not liable for Corporation Tax | | Public Disclosure | Not necessary | Must file its annual accounts at Companies House after financial year end | | | Within 9 months | Within 9 months | Must present its accounts to an AGM within 6 months | Liability | Personal liability - unlimited (all debts and obligations) | Personal liability is limited to their investment | Risk and control | The owner has full control, but the risk is high | All the risks, but also control over

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