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INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: SUBJECT: DATE: RICHARD LOPEZ, PRODUCT MANAGER, SONY CORPORATION XXXXXXXXX, MARKETING ANANLYST, SONY CORPORATION SONY VAIO LAPTOP LAUNCH IN CHINA AUGUST 30, 2013 This memorandum is to suggest that Sony should stay on its premium offering and be targeting the Chinese “status-focused” segment while at the same time working on the “Quality of Lifers” and “Technosocializers” segments and increase their value in our product which as a consequence will significantly be reinforcing Sony’s market share and sales in China within its coming launch of the VAIO laptop. The company’s profits will increase accordingly and Sony gradually will be the dominant in the laptop’s market of China. For that, a…show more content…
The laptop market penetration is currently assessed at 50% of the current addressable market so growth in this market is slowing. Finding segments within the market that differentiates VAIO from our competitors is a key to VAIO’s future growth in the Chinese laptop marketplace. In the future it can be expected that as the market matures a larger proportion of future sales will come from replacements or upgrades instead of sales to new entrants in the laptop market. Additionally, approximately 50% of the working age population is 35 years old or less and this age range is driving a move to status seeking in consumer purchases. Customer interviews have shown that SONY is considered a premium brand. Although the laptop market will begin to mature with slower growth, we can capitalize on our strength of being a premium brand when customers choose to replace or upgrade their laptops in the future. Our marketing program must continue to establish us in the mind of the status-seeking consumer as a premium brand. With this in consideration and as shown in exhibit 1, analysis from the CLUES report and Project Compass highlighted six market segments of customers with greater than 60% likelihood to purchase a laptop within the next 12 months. The SONY brand is considered a premium, fashionable, status enhancing laptop and this is one of our competitive strengths. After, reviewing the customer segment descriptions, four of the market segments allow
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