Calcium Hardness And Shell Thickness

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On the other hand, addition of probiotic had no significant effect (P>0.05) on shell hardness and shell thickness and these were expected which have already been reported (Haddadin et al., 1996; Chen and Chen 2003). Although, the increase of albumen quality wasn’t significant (P > 0.05), no reasonable explanation can be offered for the improvement in albumen quality in the microbial additive groups. Jensen et al. (1978) found significant improvements in interior egg quality which measured by Hough Units in hens fed distillers feeds and corn fermentation soluble. Subsequent studies indicated that trace elements was been involved (Jensen and Maurice, 1978). But Tortuero and Fernandez (1995) described that the difference in plasma mineral concentration were not sufficient to implicate supporting the hypothesis that trace elements were improved albumen quality with microbial supplementation. Addition of probiotic had significant effect on egg yolk cholesterol (mg /g of yolk). Haddadin et al. (1996) observed similar results. They reported that inclusion of probiotic lactobacillus acidophilus in different ages (40, 44 and 48 week) affects egg cholesterol in 40 week of production not 44 and 48. These results have already been confirmed by Marks and Washburn (1991) reports.
Blood parameters The effects of dietary AA and LAB supplementation on serum parameters are summarized in Table 3. Serum glucose, ALT and triglyceride were decreased by feeding AA or LAB but not

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