Can You Hear Me Now?

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“Can you hear me now?” has to be one of the most memorable lines from an ad campaign in history. That campaign was a major win for Verizon Wireless. It helped the company gain market share and reduce customer turnover making it one of the most competitive entities in the industry. Verizon has positioned itself as an industry leader in communications, information and entertainment products and services for consumers, businesses and governmental agencies. It functions in two main divisions: Verizon Wireless and Wireline. Verizon Wireless’ main products and services are wireless voice and data services over both 4G LTE and 3G networks, and equipment sales around the United States. Wireline offers products and services that include voice, Internet access, broadband video and data, Internet protocol network services, network access, long distance and other services around the globe (Reuters 2015).
In July 2000, Bell Atlantic and GTE merged to become Verizon Communications Inc. Requiring the approval of Bell Atlantic and GTE shareowners, 27 state regulatory commissions and the FCC, and clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice and various international agencies, the $52 billion deal took nearly two years to occur (Verizon 2015). As a result of this merger, Vodafone AirTouch and Bell Atlantic Corp. was granted regulatory approval to pool both of their U.S. wireless assets, Bell Atlantic Mobile and AirTouch Communications. Verizon Wireless was born out…

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