Candidate Ranking And Evaluation System Based On Digital Footprints

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Candidate Ranking and Evaluation System based on Digital Footprints.
Vinita Wadhwani, Raveena Chawla,
Vinay Dandwani, Nitin Sachdev , Prof Arthi C.I
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Vivekanand Education Society’s Institution of Technology
Mumbai, India

Abstract--Digital resume provides insights about a candidate to the organization. This paper proposes a system where digital resumes of candidates are generated by extracting data from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Data which is relevant to recruitment is obtained from unstructured data using Data Mining algorithms. Candidates are evaluated based on their digital resumes and ranked accordingly. Ranking is done based on the requirements specified
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Using the Twitter streaming API (Application Programmable Interfaces) a system can be built to recruit candidates.The authors of this paper created a system that recruits candidates for smoking cessation nicotine patch study using various twitter’s features like tweets, retweets, hashtag etc. The authors designed a data stream processing software system that intercepts an incoming tweet in real-time to recruit users[2].
Proposed System
This section describes the detailed architecture of the proposed system. System Architecture is divided into three modules. a) Extracting data from linkedin, facebook and twitter. b) Data Mining and storing refined data in database. c) Generating the digital resume based on the refined data and ranking the candidates. The first module involves digging deep into these social networking sites to find the relevant attributes for recruitment. Priorities are assigned to these attributes based on their importance in evaluating candidates. for example, To recruit a Java Developer, projects and achievements for java are more important than comments related to java. Using various data extraction tools and techniques, data is extracted
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