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Running Head: Canter’s Behavior Management Cycle: A Case Study Canter’s Behavior Management Cycle: A Case Study It only takes one student, whose disruptive behavior impacts the entire learning environment of the whole class. Disruptive behavior can be any behavior that bothers, interferes with, disturbs, or prevents effective learning (Canter, 2006). Disruptive behavior can be broken down into three categories: verbal behavior, physical movement, and participation in an activity. The largest category of disruptions can be found in verbal behavior (Canter, 2006). The following case study deals with classroom disruptions of verbal behavior. Case Study…show more content…
Eric’s behavior makes it difficult to create a serious tone in the classroom. In order for Mrs. Adams to get control of the class, she is going to have to implement a strategy that can regulate Eric’s disruptive behavior. Mrs. Adams is going to take the appropriate actions to reintroduce classroom discipline and management. Canter’s Behavior Management Cycle Step 1 In order to combat Eric’s disruptive behavior in her classroom, Mrs. Adams elects to put into effect Canter’s Behavior Management Cycle. She hopes that by following Canter’s three steps she will again return to effective teaching. In following Canter’s model, the first step she will need to take is to effectively communicate the explicit directions she expects her students to follow (Canter, 2006). The key for Mrs. Adams here is to ensure that her directions are unequivocal and not elusive. Successful classroom management is resting on the ability of Mrs. Adams to clearly explain to her students exactly what she wants of them. So there is no question about it. Mrs. Adams can follow similar protocol of the first week of school, where she clearly states the rules and posts them somewhere in the classroom. Mrs. Adams should give the class directions that contain the expectations for student verbal behavior, physical movement, and participation. Mrs. Adams should review the class rules. She might put extra emphasis on not talking out of turn and respecting
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