Capacity & Facilities Planning Shouldice Hospital Limited

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CASE REPORT Capacity & Facilities Planning Shouldice Hospital Limited Anondo Wicaksono 1040002654 Eko Prasetyo 1040002420 Hermanto 1040002396 Table of Contents Background 3 Shouldice Unique Method 3 The Services 3 The Process 4 The Experiences 4 Nurses 4 Doctors 4 Patients 4 Facilities 5 Administration 5 Problems 5 Cost Comparison 5 Current Throughput 6 Capabilities 6 Decision Analysis 6 Add Saturday Operation 7 Disadvantages 8 Advantages 8 Add-in A New Floor (45 Beds) 8 Disadvantages 8 Advantages 8 A Second Facility for Treating Hernia 8 Disadvantages 8 Advantages 9 Background Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice founded Shouldice hospital in 1945. He also an inventor of the…show more content…
Patients The Shouldice patients come from the original country, United States (42%) and the Ontario and European (2%). The patients could return to work within a week after their operations, but those involved in more strenuous work, whose benefits were insured, received four week of benefit and recuperation. In general, for recuperation were two weeks for those in light job, eight weeks for strenuous job. Facilities The Shouldice Hospital comprised two basic facilities in one building – the hospital and the clinic. First floor there is a large waiting room for 50 people and 6 examination rooms. On the second floor is an administrative office, and in the third floor contained 14 additional Hostel to awaiting the assignment of a room and the operation. Administration The hospital was operating on a non-profit basis and the clinic on a profit basis. For the budgets for hospital and the clinic were close to $2.8 million and $2million. Problems Dr. Shouldice desire to seek ways of increasing capacity the hospital’s capacity while at the same time maintaining control over the quality of the service delivered, the future role of government in the operations of the hospital, the use of Shouldice name by potential competitors, and the selection of the next chief surgeon. Cost Comparison Shouldices vs. Other Hospitals | Shouldice | Others | Costs of typical operationsTransportationTime Lost from

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