Carbon Fuel Supply Of The World And The Growing Problem Of Pollution

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With limited fossil fuel supply in the world and the growing problem of pollution, humans have to find environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy. Alternative energy is any source of energy that is an alternative to using fossil fuels. Energy is an enormous factor in the production of wealth and is very important in economic development. “However, energy is defined as the maximum obtainable potential of work of an energy or energy flow in relation to the reference environment” (Midilli). With the population increasing and expected to double by the end of the 21st century, providing clean and affordable energy is a must. With the price of fossil fuels only to increase over the upcoming years, using alternative energy will…show more content…
Right now throughout the world, industrialized countries produce sixty five percent of the world’s electricity from fossil fuels (Sesto). “According to current estimates, if developing countries should have a substantial economic growth in the next few decades, as is hoped for, they would produce 50% of the world 's electric energy by 2030” (Sesto). If the world continued at the sixty five percent fossil fuel rate, those developing countries would soon contribute to the increasing problem of greenhouse gases and pollution emissions. This would have a direct effect on the prices of fossil fuels, as prices would most definitely increase heavily (Sesto). “Proposed strategies for the United States include increasing energy efficiency, displacing fossil fuels with energy sources that are potentially CO2-neutral, and carbon storage in forests and other ecosystems” (Cook). As fossil fuels remains a threat to global constancy and sustainability, it becomes worse with increasing world population, higher energy demand, and technological progress. With geothermal energy being inside Earth’s mantle and crust, it has been used by humans for decades to provide heat and electricity in both homes and industries. There are countless benefits of using geothermal energy to provide power and heat. The main advantage is that this renewable source can
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