Cardiovascular Disease And Heart Disease

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Dr. Natarajan says, “the genetic risk score provides information that adds to the traditional heart disease factors” (1). It shows that there are other factors than cholesterol and blood pressure. Some of the DNA sequence occur in genes no one expected to have effect on cardiovascular disease. This score was also more accurate than family history for predicting heart disease. This means that there are other factors that go along with heart disease, like diet smoking, and exercise habits, which can also be associated with family history. This is why many people wonder why people who eat burgers everyday live to be 80 while a vegan has a heart attack at 50. Our environment and what we put in our body plays a big role in heart disease. Many adults who have heart attacks are found to have other problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. We also may find these people to be overweight and obese. Foods that are high in fats, sugars, and sodium have a tendency to clog your arties and over time, your risk of having heart disease gets higher and higher. The more you eat these foods the great you are at risk for developing heart disease. This may be harder to overcome for people who have obese or overweight people in their family like we said before. Things like unhealthy eating and exercise can all be passed from our family. Which is why genetics also plays a huge role in heart disease. What we eat and how we treat our body all depends on the environment we live in. If our
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