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Why People Should Consider a Career in Psychology
Psychologists work in a variety of fields, studying various processes of humans using a range of techniques. To learn more about the social, emotional and cognitive processes, a psychologist will observe the individual, Interpret their behavior and record their findings with regards to how they relate to each other as well as their environment. Some work independently, yet others work in a team with medical professionals and social workers, and many offer evening and weekend hours to accommodate their patients. Psychology jobs typically require a psychology doctoral degree, although some positions are open to those with a master's degree. In addition, psychologists often need to be licensed.
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What individuals need to realize is employment figures vary by specialty. For example, those who choose to pursue a career in health psychology or counseling will likely find they have very good job prospects if they possess a doctoral degree. The same holds true for those who choose school industrial-organizational psychology careers. Regardless of which field an individual chooses to specialize in, he or she needs to be prepared to work with individuals from various disciplines.
The Advantages of Working in the Field of Psychology
Many pursue psychology careers as they wish to help individuals overcome different challenges they are facing. Doing so allows the patient to improve their quality of life. These challenges come in many forms. For some, it is a disability, yet others struggle with a mental disorder. Today, many people struggle with a mental or physical disability and a substance abuse disorder, and overcoming these issues requires both be addressed. A psychologist can be of help with this.
Many in the industry choose to work for themselves. In fact, the BLS reports approximately 35 percent of psychologists choose to open their own practice. In addition, once a person becomes established in the field, their schedule becomes more flexible. This allows them to spend more time doing things
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The reason for this is the skills learned during schooling translate to many fields. For example, when a person studies psychology, they learn how to obtain data and interpret it, gain insight into the behavior of others individually and as a group and discover how learning and memory function in the human brain. In addition, they are trained to deal with environments of high stress and how to manage situations that are escalating. These are only a few of the many skills a person picks up when they study psychology.
The Drawbacks of Working in the Field of Psychology
Psychology careers have their drawbacks also. Many in the field report they find dealing with their patients drain them and stress them out. Psychologists must find away to help these individuals, without finding they take the problems of their patients on themselves. The psycholgist's personal and work life must be separate to succeed in this goal.
Work schedules can be erratic. Psychologists are often on call and find they must deal with a patient and his or her problems when it is least convenient for them. In addition, to fully meet the needs of clients, those in the psychology field often have to maintain night and weekend
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