Carhartt Is A Clothing And Boot Company

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Carhartt has many interesting advertisements, but one stood out as a unique image. Carhartt is a clothing and boot company that sells clothing that are mainly used by the working class people. Carhartt has been around since 1889, and they have made clothing for the working class since day one. In 2015 this advertisement was used by Carhartt to advertise their clothing. This advertisement is showing a guy swinging a hammer. The hammer in this picture has a long yellow handle and it is a twenty-pound sledgehammer. The guy is hitting the ground with the hammer. The guy is located on a construction site, so he is wearing the stereotypical clothing for a construction worker. The guy in the picture is wearing all Carhartt clothing. It is winter time in the picture, so the guy is wearing a thick green Carhartt jacket. He is wearing black Carhartt coveralls and tan Carhartt boots. It is kind of unusual, but the guy is wearing a pair of sunglasses in the image when it isn’t really even sunny in the image. There is snow on the ground, which indicates that this is taking place in the winter time. In the background it looks like there is some construction material like metal beams or maybe parts to an infrastructure of some kind. There is a ratcheted strap in the image, but it isn’t holding anything together. There is another ratchet strap that isn’t holding anything together in the front of the image. In the distant background there are some trees. This advertisement has the words

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