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Caribbean Brewers: Transfer Pricing, Ethics and Governance
Case Summary Gera International is a well established international brand of beer that is ranked amongst the top three brands of beer in the world. With transportation prices rising, Gera International decided to purchase a plant in Antigua in 2005 and they renamed the subsidiary, Caribbean Brewers, Inc. (CBI). In 2008, the production facilities of CBI were expanded and their productive capacity doubled. Furthermore, we are then introduced to Jason Joseph a production manager who is unhappy and distressed because along with the production doubling, he lost ownership in the company, bonuses, and annual dividends. JJ comes to us (the financial advisor to the CFO) and informs us …show more content…

Representing costs as a percentage of sales is not the best way to judge efficiency since it can ignore variables such as bottle deposits and discounted rates, which would show problems in production when in fact there are not any. Therefore, JJ’s statement on production remains truthful when he said that CBI has been operating as efficiently, if not more, in the past. Here’s an example:
Sales (per case)
Raw Materials
Caps and Labels
Gross Margin

Performance Measurement System for Production Personnel with Respect to Both Cost and Quality Control

JJ has complained on behalf of the performance measurement system because currently his bonus is based off of production cost being less than 43 percent of sales. JJ believes that the production facility is operating as efficiently as, if not better, than it has before the expansion. Due to this performance measurement JJ’s ownership when from 25 percent to 8 percent and he is losing bonuses and annual dividends. As we analyze Figure 2, we have determined from a costs perspective that basing production manager’s bonuses off of a percentage of sales is unethical because he is not being based off of his “performance.” For starters, in 2008, CBI expanded and began producing Gera beer, which unlike other exported beer, does not collect an eight dollar deposit fee. Next, from 2008 to 2009, CBI was hit with a $6,128,000 bottling

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