Cars : A Successful Person Without A Car

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Alexey Kuznetsov Farnaz Karimian Pathway III 30 Oct 2014 Cars Cars. We cannot imagine modern world without them. They are everywhere, in every as-pect of our life. We use them for shopping, getting to work, and just for entertainment. Today you will not be considered a successful person without a car. But on the other hand our obsession with automobiles is killing us. That is right, every day we slowly kill ourselves and whole world around us. Why? Because cars, along with industrial buildings and power plants are producing the highest amount of pollution. Since 2010 number of automobiles in the world went over 1 bil-lion units. Concentration of carbon dioxide had increased from approximately 200 ppmv to 400 ppmv for the last 200 years, which is higher than in previous millennia. This statistics alone show that we are overusing our motorised vehicles. So is there a way to avoid such high carbon dioxide emissions? Is there any alternative for our petrol-powered assistants? Yes, there is! Our possible salvation are so-called “ Green” cars. Basically, these are vehicles that running on a different type of fuel.Hydrogen, electricity, biodiesel, and hybrid are the most popular of them. But, regardless of their noble cause to help the environment, eco-cars are not exactly popular. Only 4-6% of all cars sold in 2013 are electric cars, and about 18% were hybrid cars. But what is the reason for that? How to encourage customers of certain age groups to buy eco-friendly vehicles? To

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