Case Analysis 1: Apple Computer Essay

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TAMPERE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Institute of Industrial Management TETA-5036 Management of Innovation

Case Analysis 1: Apple Computer return date: Sturday 10th Novemeber


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Table of Contents:

Definition of the problem 2 Historical strategy 2 New Challenges 3
Objectives & criteria for new strategies 3
Options & Ideas for new and improved strategies 4 Alternative 1 4 Alternative 2 4 Alternative 3 5 …show more content…

It’s quite clear that the actual strategy of Steve Jobs and Apple goes toward a biggest share of the computer markets, although it’s never sure in which way they plan to improve/achieve such a goal. Another key issue in up-to-today Apple strategy is it’s entrance on mobile markets, due to the big importance the telecommunications and their integration with all the other existing electronic devices (VOIP, UMTS, mobile broadband internet etc) has in shaping a so-called digital era/revolution.

The first steps in the mobile phone market let us understand once more what the key points in Apple strategy are. Innovation and Exclusivity go together, a higher-than-the-average price place the new device as a cult and trend object, something everybody want to have, a real status symbol. In few words Apple probably believes that a key concept in Innovation is the creation of a need. Along with the innovation in design, Apple is a pioneer and a leader as well in Environmental issues, another innovative approach that is granting more and more importance among customers of any product and people in general, due to very sensitive issue like Global Warming and home safety.

New Challenges

The question is whether Apple strategy will continue proving efficiently innovative. Historically Apple suffered of some kind of a crisis every decade. Another key issue is the strong focus on the development of the

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