Case Analysis : Saudi Arabia 's Oil Abundance

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I. Case Analysis Saudi Arabia’s oil abundance has placed it in a position to invest heavily in the healthcare industry such that it ranks at the top within the Persian Gulf. Companies like Medical Equipment Clinical Systems have enjoyed vast revenues by supplying the region with state of the art medical equipment. This case study provides insights into the problems faced by Ankur Grover in the Western-Region of Saudi Arabia. As a new sales manager at Medical Equipment, Grover has the challenge of breaking through religious, cultural, and business barriers in the Arab world. Grover’s Indian heritage and Hindu beliefs compound the issues as his biggest competitor, Namad Najjar, is Arab and Muslim. Najjar also has a long-standing relationship with the purchasing director at Prince Khalid Specialist Hospital and Research Center. During the months attempting to secure a sale, Grover comes to the realization that the Arab business sector is not entirely as he imagined. He wrestles with ethical dilemmas involving bribery that go against his as well as his company 's values. Grover has several options available that will determine his current and future success in sales with Medical Equipment. II. Problems Lack of proper management Medical Equipment assigned a new inexperienced sales manager to a very important region with possibility of a huge sale. Medical Equipment did not spend enough time in preparing for this sale. The company should have been more

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