Case On Fire Of Amri Hospital

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Introduction to the Present Medical Care Scenario
Medical Care in our country has a few segment doing extremely well while the rest are frayed and falling apart. Because of higher expense, millions of Indians cannot avail basic medical facilities. All Indians having good pay have a right to be Healthy and the rest simply suffer or die. The dreadful state of our government hospital, the enormous fees charged by private doctors and the imbalance in the health care are quite common. Nowadays hospitals are key actors in national health systems, and invariably account for a large share of spending. As a result, the major stakeholders such as governments, health professionals and communities are deeply concerned about the hospitals functioning and its operations. Although the stakeholders may have different priorities such as the quality of service, accountability of responsibility, access to care and service to the public. Thus many challenging agendas arise for the policy makers who are making an effort towards reshaping the health systems and are faced with decision making problems regarding governing the behavior and performance of hospitals. Proper corporate governance practices will lead to better performance if it can be embedded into the organizational structure.

Hospital Governance System:

The predefined functions and the structure of an organization is termed as Governance and it helps an organization in establishing ultimate authority

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