Case Study : A Malaysian Company Essay

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Introduction: This case study is about a Malaysian company, named Padi-cepat. This company has business of food, beverages and baking products. This business units offer different products which are marketed separately because they require different technology and marketing strategies. Performance is judged on a segment’s profit before tax and interest. The CEO of the company named Raja Norman Effendi has become concerned about the future profitable growth of this company because the company faced many problems and challenges in the market. In this case study we discuss about the four challenges that Padi- cepat is likely to face and discuss the solution for two of them that how they can overcome. In second step of case study we discuss to formulate a human resource plan that would be linked up with Padi-cepat’s strategic plan. In the third step of case study i discuss the different approaches and global staffing. I also discuss about the importance of expatriate staff for the company named Padi-cepat. Then i discuss the need of understanding the culture of the nations where Padi-cepat decides to locate. In the last part i discuss the meaning of labour relations and its importance to Pedi-cepat.
Discussion: The CEO of the Malaysian organization named Padi-cepat get to be worried about the development of his organization. Since the net profit of the organization are gradually diminished. Many issues are in charge of the diminishing benefits. In another words we can say that
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