Case Study: Can Backlog And Cloud BPM Be Cooperation?

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Can Backlog and Cloud BPM be Cooperation? How to check whether Questetra can cooperate with other services Since I was consulted by a certain customer about cooperation on Questetra and Backlog which Nulab Inc. is providing, I organized how to do it. This time, I tried to summarize how to investigate whether it is possible to collaborate with Questetra and other services, not only with the Backlog. (fig) * I will supplement since there may be some people who are thinking both Questetra and Backlog are for managing tasks. Questetra is suited to the work whose flow has been decided, while Backlog is suitable for flexible work flow. Therefore, they are often used depending on the characteristics of the target work. This example here, is also one of them. …show more content…

Not limited to Backlog, the points to be confirmed on the side of service which calling Questetra are as

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