Case Study : Ford Motor Company Essay

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Every human being is unique and is possessed with unique characters. In an organization, where numerous people work together, the character of every employee is significant in the growth of that organization. It depends on the leader to tap the potential of every employee and get the maximum from every one. Wise leaders always try to look the positive side or the ability of an employee instead of the inability. When a team works in a project, the success of that project always depends on the team work and not on the single person. There may be one person who is jack of all and another who is master of only one skill. A good team leader is one who uses optimal potential of both employees for the profit maximization. I remember a very famous case study of Ford Motor Company that says the importance of teamwork. In 2006 when Alan Mulally became the CEO of the Ford Motor Company, many senior executives thought that a big change in inevitable as mullally was the outsider. Speculation of changes in team at higher level was at high as Mulally was hired from Boeing because of his expertise in running big organization and employees of Ford Motor were suspicious about his working method.

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