Case Study : Gatorade 's Competitors

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Gatorade 's Competitors
Powerade - US Market Direct Competitor
Powerade is a sports drink manufactured and marketed by The Coca Cola Company. The brand was founded in 1988 becoming the Olympics ' main sponsor. In 2002, Powerade Option was introduced in the market. In 2008, Powerade Zero was released to face the trend of the market. Powerade has been the official sports drink of Australia, New Zealand and Ireland’s Rugby Teams and part of the US Olympics. Powerade has 4,602,453 page likes on Facebook, 152k followers on Twitter, 7.7k followers on Instagram and 20,042 subscribes on YouTube channel.
Lucozade - UK Market Direct Competitor
Lucozade was launched in UK in 1927 as a provider of energy during recovery from illnesses. In 1982 the brand was repositioned from a drink that aided recovery to a drink that replaced lost energy. Launched in 1990, Lucozade Sport Was the UK 's first mainstream sports drink Partner And sponsor of the Scottish Rugby Team, the Football Association, England Rugby Team and the Great Run Series and since then it has been the market leader in sports drinks market in UK. Lucozade has 210,884 page likes on Facebook, 39.1k followers on Twitter, 3.880 followers on Instagram and 17,117 subscribes on YouTube channel.
Vitamin Water - UK Market Indirect Competitor
Vitamin Water was founded back in 2000 as part of energy drink brands. Since 2007,Vitamin Water became a private owned subsidiary of The Coca Cola company. Vitamin water is considered the most
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