Case Study: Michealsen Health Center

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Furthermore, throughout the course I would always wonder with how many clients, a social worker could work with and according to DuBois and Miley “social worker clients may be at any level in the social system continuum – at the microlevel, individuals, families, and groups; at the mezzolevel, formal groups and organizations; at the macrolevel, community, society, or even the world community; and even the professional system of social work.” So, if I was thinking about working in a nursing home such as, Michealsen Health Center that is a nonprofit organization I would be working at a microlevel with individual clients and their families. But, how do social worker gather information especially when they see several people or a group in a day. In chapter eight I learn “. . . the dynamic process of gathering information in order to understand client’s challenges” (DuBois and Miley 206). For example, social workers use genogram to gather background information from their new clients in order to have a better …show more content…

. . every specialty area in the health system – including emergency room services, oncology, pediatrics, general medicine and surgery, intensive care, rehabilitation, substance abuse programs, public health, and mental health – employs social workers” (DuBois and Miley 308). Meaning that I could work in any of those fields, if I continue my education as a social worker. My goal is to work in a hospital setting with children who have diabetes or cancer and their families, or in a nursing home with elderly people and their families. For that I have to continue my education in the social work field and I’m glad I took this course because I learned the different degrees there is to become a social worker. I also, learned more about the roles in a health system, when I interview Kim Bartells who’s a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in Michealsen Health Center. Then, I learn the annual salary of a social worker with each level of

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