Case Study Of American Chocolate Factory

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Executive Summary
This paper will talk about motivation and with a focus on American Chocolate Factory. Since motivation is pretty broad, our group decided to focus more on expectancy theory. We will also talk about the theory’s background and discuss about the pros and cons and how can this theory applied to local business. In order for our group to find out more information about expectancy theory, we decide to interview the general manager of American Chocolate Factory. The person we interviewed was Rich Huang. He basically handles all the operations and training of their employees. Interviewing Rich about the research really helped us understand and learn more about motivation and the expectancy theory. We will share the information
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The Expectancy Theory is a process-based motivation theory, which means that individuals react in some particular ways by analyzing their own thoughts and feelings (Bauer, 2014, p. 380). It has received a lot of research attention and is well-accepted by researchers. It has become a theory for explaining how people making decisions regarding different behavioral options. According to Bauer (2014), “Individual motivation to put forth more or less effort is determined by a rational calculation in which individuals evaluate their situation” (p.

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