Case Study Of Kim Ngoan Company

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The internship has lasted for 2 months as a full-time one which started from 9/7/2017 to 7/9/2017 and I have many chances to gain more knowledge as well as working experience in the marketing industry.
Kim Ngoan's marketing department is a key part of the company as a whole. According to Philip Kotler's point of view, marketing is a social management process whereby individuals and groups get what they need and desire through the creation, offering and exchange of products. Products are valuable to others. Likewise, the Marketing Department is an important connection between the company's product and its customers, between product attributes and customer needs. The main task of Marketing Strategies Department of Kim Ngoan company is to expand the market by doing surveys of the real market, segmenting the market, developing caring policies which are appropriate with customers, introducing new products and cooperating with manufacturers to solve problems that arise after customers use the product. Most importantly, because the products that Kim Ngoan company business is directly affected by the weather and soil, the visit to the actual situation of Marketing staffs is extremely necessary. This is because for Kim Ngoan company, it is important to sell products with great sales, but it is more important to care for and solve problems of their customer. The company not only focuses on the quality of their products but also always keeps track of their customer's problems after using the company's products and always try to answer …show more content…

My internship is divided into three major periods: the first two weeks, the next one month and the last two weeks. Although the internship only lasts for two months, what I has gained and learnt from the working process is

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