Case Study Of Loreal

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Loreal is a cosmetics company, not an IT one. It´s a beauty giant that includes Garnier, Lancome, Maybelline, and other cosmetic companies. However, their marketing engagement is so high, that they were one of the first companies that applied and adopted programmatic advertising in their digital campaigns. They started experimenting with PA at 2014, but continued in a full way, which is described below.
Brands like L'Oréal are getting up to 2,000+% return on programmatic ad campaigns. (Think with Google, 2016)
The reason they first payed attention to PA was actually an attempt to remove one of their brands “Shu Uemura” (luxe make-up brand, created at 1988 by famous Japanese artist Shu Uemura) from sales in North America, because of low level …show more content…

Using the Analytics data, it was possible to discover groups for which it´s relevant to remarket, and for which – to prospect the product. And after developing product awareness and consideration phases, they moved into the acquisition phase with help of distributed means of influence.
5. At the acquisition phase, with help of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Loreal Canada remarketed the line to its past website visitors, and offered either some particular product or an opportunity to win a full set of products to the ones who showed interest in the past.
6. They used DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Facebook Exchange.
7. The Shuppette campaign brought twice higher results, than was expected, within only 2 months.
From the official DoubleClick report on Loreal Canada case:
• Re-introduce and raise awareness of the Shu Uemura cosmetics brand in North America
• Drive North American sales of Karl Lagerfeld's Shupette collection for Shu Uemura
• Grow the Shu Uemura email subscriber list
• Used programmatic buying to lead prospects down the path to purchase
• Organized website audiences with Google Analytics Premium
• Leveraged a range of audience data in DoubleClick
• Bid Manager to buy paid media in display and social

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