Case Study Of Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a disorder of bones that affects bones making them low in bone mass fragile and will lead to bone fracture. Bone fracture will easily occur as this disease cause the matrix inside the bone become weak and brittle.Bones can become so brittle due to activities such as coughing can cause fractures.According to Macgill (2015) the origin of the word osteoporosis explain the condition of ‘osteo’ is for bone and ‘porosis’ means porous that resulting in weakness. At this condition, the bone tissue is mineralized normally, but the production is not enough to preserve the normal skeletal architecture. 80% of women and 20% men of 28 million American are affected with the osteoporosis. Approximately, women with the age of 50 will develop osteoporosis. Thin bones are the cause of 1.5 million fractures a year. As in Malaysia, the statistic shows that osteoporosis related to fractured is the common health problem especially in elderly..…show more content…
It also protect soft internal organs for an example brain and heart from injury. Skeleton with muscle is strong bones that can enable the body to move freely. Individuals who is at increase risk for fractures may be difficult to heal because of the weakened bones. This can lead to loss of mobility, the inability to retain independent living and even death. Osteoporosis can gives a huge effect to human skeletal due to decreased mineralization of the bone. Human skeletal consist of two types of bones which is compact bones and spongy bones. Compact bones is a bone that has a solid outer surface while spongy bone is inner bone that less dense than compact bone which has many holes like sponge. A spongy bone does not have osteon.The matrix forms an open network of trabeculae. Healthy bone is dense enough to support and protect body and to handle stresses of movement and minor injuries while osteoporosis has abnormally thin bones with larger holes on spongy

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