Case Study Of Sirvoy: Global Distribution System

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Sirvoy is a “Global Distribution System used by hotels to coordinate their distribution activities and provide linkages for intermediaries” (Robert D. Reid, 1988). Sirvoy is a relatively easily operated, cloud based hotel management suite. “It gives customers the ability to easily search for hospitality and travel services and to conduct transaction immediately” (Robert D. Reid, 1988). It is designed for small businesses, hotels, Inns or bed and breakfasts, timeshares and more. It is an Irish base software created in 2008, by an individual wanting to assist his mother with her hotel’s businesses. The platform is a combination of features, including reservation and booking management, front office, property management, guest relationship …show more content…

The booking system is cloud-based and therefore accessible when and wherever you have access to the Internet. Sirvoy's Channel Manager allows you to automatically receive and update availability from your website, Facebook page and GDS and IDS channels such as,, and etc. Wherever you receive your booking from you can rest assured that Payment Express is fully integrated with your Sirvoy account and all payments will be automatically received and processed for your …show more content…

This means the clientele can easily link existing websites with the software to maximize performance. For example linking the business’ Facebook and activities with Sirvoy to have easy access of all the information. Sirvoy supports other languages and this is beneficial to an organization as it helps them in their interactions with prospective guests in a wider market spectrum. For new users of the software there is a good support system created by the developers where assistance may be acquired to ensure efficiency. is the official website support group where frequently asked questions are listed and various methods to contact officials for further information is

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