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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The product that we have planned to market internationally is a Chocolate Bar called “Indian”. The preparation of the Indian chocolate is based on the traditional sweet making process. Alongwith that the chocolate has a filling of yoghurt inside that has healthy digestive enzymes. The product offering is targeted for the huge asian population and the students of school and colleges. The brand resonates an image of youth and health with a different preparation and taste. The “Indian” chocolate would be positioned as a readily available and economical offering which would be introduced in the UK market through a strategic alliance. The Strategic alliance would utilize the brand value and communication channels of the already…show more content…
The chocolate has a local Indian preparation with ingredients usually used for preparation of traditional Indian sweets alongwith a blend of Cocoa. The differentiating feature of the chocolate “Indian” is the yoghurt filled inside the chocolate. The product has been positioned as a local Indian cuisine offering with a touch of a global cocoa taste. The chocolate bar’s differentiated offering is the yoghurt blended with the Indian sweetening agents alongwith cocoa. We plan to market our product offering to the United kingdom which happens to be a big chocolate consumer. United Kingdom being a great strategic center for expansion into the European Union market would provide a launchpad for the chocolate to get recognition and publicity. The chocolate brand “Indian” would target the huge asian population who relate to the Indian tastes and are usually deprived from the Indian sweets. The second target audience would be the youngsters, primarily school and college students who are ready to experiment with tastes and new offerings. The product offered would be at a relatively low price and will target a large consumer base and penetration pricing will be used as a

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