Essay about Case Study: Usa Today vs Digital Media

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1. What opportunities in the marketing environment did Gannett seize in launching USA Today? How did the company learn about and respond to these opportunities? USA Today has provided consumers with what they need and have progressively changed along with their evolution in daily living with its innovation in fulfilling customer needs. With the launch of USA Today in the early 1980s, the market research resulted in two very important consumer needs – a need for short spans, and an increasing demand for information. USA Today started providing more news about more subjects in less time. National News Papers initially missed the market of young, well educated people who were on the move and cared about current events. Gannet was …show more content…

Physically the format was easier to handle and easier to read in crowded and tight places. USA Today further added value by providing 1-900 & 1-800 hotlines for consumer assistance in financial planning, taxes, minority business, and other subjects showing a commitment to customer satisfaction along with its delayed print distribution strategy that gave them a competitive edge against other news papers. Its mobile applications for smart phones kept consumers up-to-date. This feature poised USA Today for the future, recognizing that the direction of information consumption was headed for mobile. USA Today targeted middle age and middle class citizens. Being their primary news forwarder, it would remain successful in the long run. USA Today was geared for continuous improvement and innovation in media. The adaptation and transformation of news forwarding techniques coupled with rapid evolving of technology is the key to success of any news provider, providing a competitive edge for USA Today. With constant improvement and competitive addition of high in demand features, USA Today was well positioned for the future with all its brands and products especially with 3. What are the SWOT implications for USA Today as it looks toward its future? What strengths and opportunities can USA Today leverage as it looks for a competitive advantage in the distribution of news and information?

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