Case Study : Why Managed IT Service

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Our team at Chameleon IT Service prides itself on delivering exceptional value to every client. Whether a company need full-scale managed IT service or simply wants to have a new machine constructed, we provide IT consulting and expertise along with day-to-day IT support. Our custom-bespoke approach offers clients exactly what they need with regard to their IT issues, and we bring an extensive base of experience and expertise into every IT related project or issue. Why Managed IT Service? In order to remain competitive in a crowded field, a managed IT services provider must ensure they make use of the best equipment and technologies available at all times. This reduces the burden on the client when it comes to upgrading and ensures they …show more content…

This risk is eliminated when a company works with us, and our services provide an extensive and compelling value to small businesses looking to grow. Our fully managed plan is only one of many options we offer to meet the needs of our clients, as we want to ensure everyone has access to the support they need when they need it. Small Business IT Support Many businesses assume they cannot afford managed IT support, never stopping to consider how much it costs to hire a person or persons to handle this task in house. In addition to the salary or salaries that must be paid, benefits will likely need to be provided to obtain high-quality staff members. The business can budget for the expense each month also, without worrying about unexpected high repair bills that can decimate the budget. Furthermore, the support team monitors the system around the clock, something a small business may not be able to do on their own. Nothing is more distressing than learning the system has been down for a period of time without anyone knowing this was the case, as this could lead to a loss of business. With the help of a managed IT support team, this concern can be dismissed. Regardless of what a client needs for their organization, Chameleon IT Service will help. We provide reports, do a periodic re-analysis of the client's needs and desires, regularly assess the workflow and security of the system and evaluate the age and performance of the general infrastructure to allow

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