Cat Chat: How Cats Communicate

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Cat Chat: How Cats Communicate

Don’t know what your cat is trying to tell you?

You might not, if you haven’t been around felines a lot.

Of course, cats meow. And the type of meow they use gives you a good idea of what they’re trying to communicate with you. This is especially true if your pet is a Siamese cat. This breed of cat is very vocal. One Siamese owner had a cat that meowed loudly – and persistently – whenever it wanted to play a game of hide and seek. Every time the cat used his “special meow”, which the owner recognized, she knew that he was “hiding” and needed to be “found.” She dutifully played.

In fact, Siamese cats have a voice that's often mistaken for a human voice. When a Siamese cat in heat, he sounds very human-like. Don't be surprised if your cat almost seems to be saying "hello." It's eerie to hear in the middle of the night. Many individuals also think that the meow of a Siamese cat is similar to a human baby crying.

But all cats use their voices at one time or another.
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Some experts think it’s a feline form of “meditation” and that this action comforts them. If this theory is at all correct, the “purring” sound of the feline is the equivalent of our “Ohm” when we meditate.

When your cat trusts you enough, she’ll eventually roll over on her back, exposing her stomach. This, in cat behavior, is the ultimate form of submission. You should be impressed. It does not necessarily mean though that he wants his tummy rubbed. So be careful life you try this. To discover your cat’s true feelings, watch how he holds his tail. The way in which he switches his tail is also a subtle form of communication. Cats are not dogs. When a dog wags his tail, he’s a happy animal. A cat whose tail is flicking rapidly back and forth – the equivalent of a wag – is actually annoyed . . . or the least
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