Cathedral Of Stevens Analysis

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The Cathedral of St. Stephen’s is one of the most famous symbols of Vienna, it survived many wars and today symbolized the city spirit. Hearing all the amazing history caught my attention in such a strong way that mad me want to know more about the Cathedral of St. Stephen’s. The Rick Steves Walking Tour of the Vienna’s Cathedral of St. Stephen’s was outstanding and interesting. I had a very pleasure experience. I would definitely recommend it because of the strong criteria’s that the tour follows such as the introduction, sound, and conclusion. I knew from the beginning that I was going to enjoy the tour. The narrator started to tour with a really well done introduction, what made me decide if was going to listen to the tour or …show more content…

The voice of the narrator can determinate the mood of the podcast. The narrator should have a moderate vocabulary, were the audience can have complete compression of the speech. The speed of the voice should also be moderate. If the narrator speaks to slow the audience may get bored and lose attention, and if he speak to fast they may lose track and get confused. The narrator voice should have the correct tone, this way he will have an effective response from the audience. Not only the voice of the narrator is important, the background music and sounds make an extremely difference when hearing a podcast. While I was listening to the walking tour of Cathedral of St. Stephen’s I was able to listen to Vienna’s typical music, the music that used to be play inside of the Cathedral, such as religious music and music of the years that the Cathedral was mad. The sound and music are very helpful to create an imagery, and to relate to what the narrator is talking about. While listen to the music the audience can have a better understanding of the place, and having a more vivid experience. The walking tour of Cathedral of St. Stephen’s did this very well, providing imageries in my head, the voice of the narrator caught my attention during the entire tour and I as able to understand each word he

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