Cause And Effect Essay About Bullying

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Throughout the years and across generations, bullying has continued to be the problem that it is today. Despite growing concern towards bullying, it has commonly been seen as an issue that one must face on his or her own. An experience that toughens children to help prepare them for the “real world” outside of school. Viewpoints may be based on political orientation: conservatives are more likely to believe that with the issue of bullying, responsibility lies in individuals, while liberals argue for society-based responsibility (Kim & Telleen, 2016). Either way may be misguided if blame is rested on the victims themselves rather than on the bullies, which is often found to be the case (Kim & Telleen, 2016). Such beliefs can be dangerous, as bullying can sometimes lead to violence. Kids who are able to wield power and control, and brandish it against other kids, are likely to do so. But not only does bullying lead to violence from the bullies themselves. According to a guide from the U.S. Department of Justice, “in two-thirds of the recent school shootings (for which the shooter was still alive to report), the attackers had previously been bullied” (Sampson, 2009). Bullying is by nature an aggressive act. As such the negativity from it rubs of on victims and on other students. This may be why different people will see different parties as being guilty or responsible of acts of bullying. Regardless of who is to blame for such acts, awareness of the issue itself is growing.

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