Cause And Effect Essay On Madera High School

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Typically among teenagers bullying is a must and it is popular. The power of a teen is demonstrated through bothering or picking on a younger teen or a teenager who is considered weak and cannot defends itself. Not only does the accusations occur verbally but it's also based upon social media. The easy access to the Internet has made it possible for teens to target people online through social media. Social media has become an easy way to spread the rumors and gossip about other people. Bullying is not a game but teens in the lack of maturity seem to not understand that is not as simple as name calling or offenses. Such actions can have consequences like self harm or in some worst cases suicide. As an example Madera High School has experienced some kind of bullying on campus or through social media from students attending.
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Most of the incident in regards with bullying are either online or on campus. When it occurs in campus most of the students surrounding the occasion of when bullying occurs become the bystanders and prefer not to take action upon it to try to avoid being in it when since the beginning the teens were already part of the problem. The teens believe that being part of the problem is when their is a verbal accusation and believe that just watching the bullying occur will avoid the teen from being involved in the situation. In the survey the students were asked if one of their friends have been bullied and if they were a bystander. Surprisingly 628 students said that seeing bullying and stopping the problems was not a part of the teens experience in high school. In the other hand only 247 students said that they were bystanders. Usually when a teen becomes the bystanders it's to entertain the crowd of kids around causing the bully to feel more in power of the

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