Cause And Effect Of Being Induced

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Recently, there have been many women opting to be induced rather than going through a natural onset of labor. In 2008 23.1% of live births were induced in the United States, which was a doubled amount from the 1990s (Cheng, Kaimal, Snowden, Nicholson, & Caughey, 2012). However, it seems as if the negative and positive effects of being induced are rarely highlighted. It is important though that patients receive correct evidence based research about induction compared to the natural onset of labor before making a decision. Medical professionals will be able to educate patients by answering this research question: In women who are experiencing a full term/ post term low risk pregnancy, what is the effect of being medically induced before the natural onset of labor on maternal, fetal, or neonatal mortality and morbidity compared with natural onset of labor? The databases CINAHL and MEDLINE were used along with the search words of “induction of labor” AND “expectant management”/ “induction of labor” AND “spontaneous labor” to find articles related to the specific research question about induction and natural labor. These articles will provide conclusions that will help deliver education to pregnant women and health care professionals. One article that was found in the databases was an article called Induction of Labor Compared to Expectant Management in Low-risk Women and Associated Perinatal Outcomes. The authors stated that the purpose of this research was to examine the…
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