Causes Of Animal Overpopulation

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Did you know that nearly 1.2 million dogs and puppies are executed and killed every year in shelters across the nation? When the doctor walked into the office, he knew he had several things to do, the worst was that there were still several dogs still in the shelter that afternoon. When it was time the doctor told the nurses to bring them in, at that moment several dogs were brought in that were too old to be adopted or have just been there too long to keep. One by one the doctor injected them each with the euthanasia that would kill them. Dogs should not be euthanized in shelters or for being too aggressive because they are good service animals, they can be fixed to stop overpopulation, and they are great emotional and medical companions. One of the most common reasons dogs are euthanized in shelters is overpopulation. Most people believe that it is better to not have too many dogs or puppies running around. Hundreds of these dogs are killed everyday. It's proven that a fertile female dog can give birth to at least two litters a year with five to nine puppies in a litter. Others believe that the dogs should not be euthanized because the overpopulation problem can be easily fixed. The free or reduced spaying would accommodate for the overproduction rate and dogs and helps people…show more content…
Most people believe that dogs should be executed for being too aggressive. For example, is a dog were to bite someone and the owner knew the dog was aggressive or could be aggressive that dog would be euthanized for its actions. Other people believe that dogs should not be executed for their actions. They believe that the owners should be blamed. Some dogs are service dogs such as police dogs. The canine unit has been used since the 1990’s and has been a great use of the dogs we have. The Department of Environmental Conservation gives information about the k-9 unit and their jobs and how they help the
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