Causes Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a serious crisis because of what effect it has on the child. Child abuse can damage the brain’s growing process and lead to serious behavioral and physical problems. There are many types of child abuse, and most of these types will show some sort of symptoms. Teachers are typically the main adults that catches these symptoms. Statistics have proven that there are many children who are victims of child abuse. There are ways to help prevent further abuse on the child. There are many types of child abuse. Types include physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Physical abuse is when the parents or guardians of the child physically harms the child by punching, burning, biting, etc. (Paulk, 66).Verbal and emotional abuse is when the caretakers of the child are absent to the point that could cause serious behavioral, cognitive, emotional, or mental problems (Paulk, 66). Sexual abuse is when the child is involved in any kind of sexual acts, including fondling of genitals, profiting from child prostitution, and photographs of child (Paulk, 66). Neglect is when the caretakers of the child are not able or will provide for the child basic needs (Paulk, 66). Neglect includes medical neglect, emotional neglect, substance, abandonment, or lack of supervision (Paulk, 66). Children from drug and alcohol misuse homes are considered neglected. Also children from homeless families are considered neglected due to malnutrition. There are many symptoms that are

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