Causes of Project Failure

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A project is defined as a unique set of co-ordinated activities with a finite duration, defined cost and performance parameters and clear outputs to support specific business objectives.




An IT-enabled project is any business change activity, including programmes and projects, where the use of IT is critical to its success.


• Not meeting project goals, delivering requirements • Not delivering value for money • Not matching stakeholder requirements • Poor implementation and management • Not hitting quality standards • A sense of failure within the project team

There 's also a general perception that larger projects
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So it is not realistic to expect no change in requirements while a system is being built. However uncontrolled changes play havoc with a system under development and have caused many project failures. This emphasises the advantages of shorter timescales and a phased approach to building systems, so that change has less chance to affect development. Nonetheless change must be managed like any other factor of business. The business must evaluate the effects of any changed requirements on the timescale, cost and risk of project. Change Management and its sister discipline of Configuration Management are skills that can be taught. 6. Not learning lessons from relevant projects being applied Its a big question mark for the management, stakeholders, staff and the programmers too. Its vital and essential for success.

7. Lack of User Involvement Lack of user involvement has proved fatal for many projects. Without user involvement nobody in the business feels committed to a system, and can even be hostile to it. If a project is to be a success senior management and users need to be involved from the start, and continuously throughout the development. This requires time and effort, and when the people in a business are already stretched, finding time for a new project is not high on their priorities. Therefore senior management need to continuously support the project to make it clear to staff it is a priority. Analysis
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