Celebrity Culture and Mass Marketing Essay

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Dissertation Proposal
“Celebrity Culture and Mass Marketing”
A proposed study on the effects of celebrity culture on consumer perception and behaviour; and how this is affecting the marketing techniques being used by UK businesses

Contents Background 5 My Proposal 5 Literature review 5 Methodology 8 Limitations 9 Application 10 References 12 Appendix 13 Appendix A- Performa 13

Celebrity culture has been around for many years, however throughout the last ten years, due to varying circumstance, it has become much more prominent on the marketing scene. As a young female, I myself can recognise certain situations in which I have fallen victim to celebrity advertising. It was found that in 2007 25% of
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Further research into the understanding celebrity image and its components led me to a study conducted by Choi and Rifon (2007) developed a study limiting the use of ‘image’ to that of celebrity. The purpose of the research reported in their paper was two-fold: first, the study identified image components of celebrities and developed a scale for measuring them and second, the study explores the relationship between the image dimensions and credibility perceptions of the general public. The results revealed only one significant relationship from Factor I, “Genuineness” to the trustworthiness dimension. All other relationships examined in this study were found to be non-significant; no further attempt was made to rectify the theory, as this was not a theory based study. Choi and Refin do analyse the limitations of their study, and also provide suggestion into future research. It is of their opinion that qualitative data on celebrity image dimensions would build the strength of their quantitative findings. These past studies have provided a platform for further studies, in which more applicable results can be found. The use of celebrity endorsers by businesses, have a very clear aim, in that they want to increase the appeal their brand has. Underlying the use of celebrities is the belief that the profile and
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