Celebrity Endorsement Essay

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Ciara Dennehy 13019511
Dissertation Proposal

1. Working Title
The area of study I am going to be investigating will look at celebrity endorsement, and the affects of celebrity endorsement on consumer behaviour. I am also going to be looking at celebrity endorsement and the affect it has on consumption in the retail industry.

2. Main Research Question
Does Celebrity Endorsement Influence Consumer Behaviour and Purchasing Decisions?

3. Example Relevant sub-questions
• Examples of when consumers have been influenced by a certain celebrity or icon, to determine the consumption of a product.
• How celebrity endorsement has affected sales statistically through the use of a marketing campaign
• The use of controversial individuals being used for a campaign
• How celebrity image transforms brand identity and brand image

4. Aims of dissertation
• Defining ‘celebrity endorsement’
• Research how sales have directly related to a certain celebrity or icon wearing a similar styled item of clothing
• Research the use of celebrities in campaigns to determine the sales after the campaign is launched.
• Use secondary research methods to find quantitative statistics of examples of companies who have proved celebrity endorsement inflicted sales.
• The affects of social media when brands are identified on celebrities/fashion icons.
• E-marketing – how celebrities can promote and advertise a brand
• How marketing has adapted in recent years due to the use of the internet and social media

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