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Part One Background

The first part of the assignment focuses on the general overview of Entry 1 group who are majority females of South-Asian origin; also a Chinese, African & Arab learners are also enrolled in class. Learners of this group are housewives with little or no previous education background. They would have learnt Urdu or Gujarati in their country.

The ages range between 24 and 45. The majority of learner’s first language speaks Gujarati or Punjabi. They have been learning English between 1-3 years & some less than a year and they all enjoy learning English. Most learners are married housewives and have children.

They are motivated as they have children and would like
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I will give explanation on this topic followed by exercises using speaking and listening, which should address this weakness.

Pronunciation activity
I have chosen the following activity from ‘Language in Use’ by Adrian Doff & Christopher Jones, CUP, pg 81-82. (see attached).

I have identified the use of can/can’t in simple sentences. Learners do not stress enough to differentiate between the two; they need to pronounce can’t /ka:nt/ (stressed) with an open mouth this is very important as they don’t convey the wrong meaning of what is being said. This will require a lot of practice listening, speaking and eliciting more from learners during lesson.

The exercise I have chosen is about a woman and what she can/can’t do. Learners will listen to the pronunciation of can/can’t and observe the difference carefully. I would also ask learners to look and observe at the mouth opening more and explain the long vowel in /ka:nt/. Learners are explained the stress and the open r in /ka:nt/. There will be lots of drilling chorally and individually. This would be done mid-way through the lesson after introducing the Grammar and listening to audio.

Learners have understood the weak form and open r in /ka:nt/ but have little practice pronouncing the stress form. More listening, drilling and getting learners to speak in pairs and in class should

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