Cereal Aisle Analysis Essay

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Cereal Aisle Analysis Professor Shirley McLaughlin Consumer Behavior- Marketing 305 11.5.2013 1. Identify the store and the day and time you made your observation. For this assignment I went to Randall’s, a local grocery store in my area, where I observed consumer behavior. Upon arrival at Randall’s I decided that I would observe consumers on the shopping on the wine isle and in the dairy section. I observed on man and one woman on the wine isle (they were not together) and one woman in the dairy section. 2. Analyze the behaviors you observed to determine how consumers progressed through the consumer behavior process while in different aisles. To understand how the consumer progressed…show more content…
The male consumer on the wine isle seemed as if he were trying to decide on red or white wine. He picked up several different bottles that varied in price. That led me to believe that price wasn’t a motivating factor for his visit he may have truly wanted a tasty wine. The female consumer on the wine isle seemed as if she was only interested in finding a good red wine at a reasonable price. She only picked up red wines and they were generally at a lower price point, which led me to believe that she had a fixed amount that she could spend for a bottle of red wine. The female consumer in the dairy section seemed as if she were trying to decide what would be the best quality lactose free milk. This consumer only selected lactose free milk and she only selected higher price points, but after careful evaluation of her options she didn’t select any item. I believe she felt none of her options would be beneficial to her. The male consumer on the wine isle decided to purchase a moderately priced white wine and the female consumer on the wine isle purchased the lowest priced bottle of red wine. 3. Assess how consumers determine value for their various purchases. This can be addressed with at least two (2) specific consumer examples or by combining all the consumers you observed. Value according to Babin, Harris, “is a personal assessment of the net worth obtained from an activity, value captures how much gratification a consumer receives from
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